Online Traffic School

Take a California State Licensed Traffic School course. It is the most convenient and easy way to clear a violation from your driving record.

The course is 100% online, simple, easy to use and can be taken whenever and wherever you would like. As long as you complete the course by your court-appointed due date, the rest is up to you! After passing the final exam, the DMV will be notified for you. It’s just that easy! This is the best course out there and it’s offered through National Driving and Traffic School, Lic # 1779.

Completing the simple and effective course will clear your traffic violation from your driving record along with the related points, keeping your insurance rates low. Added benefits to using the course include:

  • Fast electronic reporting to the DMV with daily correspondence with courts
  • Instant access to Proof of Completion, which you can print from home

If you’re not sure if the online traffic school is for you, if you can answer “Yes” to the following questions you’re eligible!

  • Does your violation carry 1 point or less?
  • Has it been at least 18 months since your last citation and traffic school course?
  • Were you driving a non-commercial vehicle when you were cited?

Yes? Register and get started today!