Meet the Team

The Best Driving Instructors Around

George Operations Manager /
Driving Coach

George, Operator / Program Director

Introducing George , who has been in the field of Education for over 20 years. He was inspired to the field of Driver Safety by his late brother who worked as a Senior DMV examiner for many years. After working alongside some of the top driving schools in the industry. He was offered a position at Mercedes Benz Driving Academy in Beverly Hills. While there, he helped to pioneer the first driver training program of its kind. In 2014 he joined the BTW family here in Manhattan beach and has helped to improve and develop the best driving programs in Southern California.
In his spare time he enjoys theater and spending quality time with family. If you recognize his face you may have seen him on Jimmy Kimmel live teaching the guest host how to drive. Follow the link to watch him in action 🙂


Mario, Assistant Manager / Instructor

Introducing Mario, who has been teaching with Behind the Wheel Driving School since 2010. He has had the pleasure of working with students of every age, experience level and background. Mario likes to keep his driving lessons fun but also focuses on the importance of safe driving. In addition to teaching behind the wheel lessons, he also instructs the In-Class Driver Education Course. In his free time, Mario likes to spend time with his son, daughter and wife.

Sara, Office Supervisor Administrator

Office Supervisor/ Administrator

Introducing Sara, she joins Behind The Wheel Driving school with 5 years of office management/supervising experience under her belt, as well as 20 years of administrative/executive assisting experience in corporate.
Sara prides herself on giving exceptional customer service and making sure our customers understand and are fully satisfied with our service.
In Sara’s spare time she enjoys singing R&B music, producing albums, songwriting, teaching vocal lessons to kids, exercising and staying healthy.

Jennifer, Administrator, Customer Service Rep

Jennifer, Administrator / Customer Service Rep

Introducing Jennifer, She has been driving for 16 years. She enjoys helping others and is a teacher and encourager at heart. She takes joy when she sees others living out their true potential. She loves to make others smile and feel more at ease and peace with themselves. Jennifer is a creative individual with an emphasis on graphic design, events, writing, and dance. In her free time, if she’s not creating, she is spending time with family.


Steven AKA Eric, Driving Instructor / Coach

Introducing Steven, who has a passion for music and working with youth he was very active in the local music scene, whether it was playing in a ska band, dancing at post- shows, or managing his friends’ indie bands. He began mentoring high school students while attending the University of TN with an organization called Cru. This led him to work with underprivileged teenagers. From this work, Eric has learned patience and adaptability which are invaluable to his role as a Driving Coach. He loves watching students move from fear to confidence as they learn to drive. He is also currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care at Biola University.


Stacey, Driving Instructor / Coach

Introducing Stacey, who has a passion for helping people in need and has turned it into a personal and professional endeavor. She is kind hearted and patient and finds joy in teaching students to become safe, responsible drivers, she is committed to helping meet every student’s needs. On her spare time she enjoys hiking with her dogs, reading, and spending time with her family.


Brittany, Driving Instructor / Coach

Introducing Brittany, she is skilled in helping students to feel confident and safe while behind the wheel. She feels it’s most important for students to know how to protect themselves and others on the road. Brittany is a graduate from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys singing, writing music, and spending time with family and friends.


Neil, Driving Instructor / Coach

Introducing Neil, he has over six years of instructing experience, and driving is a passion of his. He believes to do everything in excellence, and aims to help every student become the best driver they can be. Neil likes to mix in not only audible, but also visual instructing. He teaches his students with passion, and a taste of humor. Neil is doing online classes at Full Sail university with a major in digital cinematography. In his free time Neil spends time with his family, watches movies, goes out to eat, or is busy doing school work.

Miriam, Driving Instructor, Coach

Driving Instructor / Coach

Introducing Miriam, she has 10 years of experience in customer service and has been driving for 15 years. Her motto when driving is “safety first” She is currently attending Los Angeles City College with a double major in photography and screen writing. She is a photographer during the weekends. On her free time She takes more photos watches movies and hikes.

Jasson, Driving Instructor, Coach

Driving Instructor / Coach

My name is Jasson. My world is the road. Streets filled with chaos and anger, I remind myself that courtesy is all that separates us from the animals. Once, I was a dog trainer, a volunteer for homeless/families/animals; a hopeful man searching for a righteous cause. I’ve been driving around this city ticketless/crashless for 10 years like a road warrior. I continue to exist in this chaotic land called Los Angeles. A man now reduced to a single instinct, win!

Thi, Driving Instructor, Coach

T Hoang,
Driving Instructor / Coach

Introducing T Hoang, she is an educator and focuses on the learning process of each student. Optimizing their brain and body coordination, she emphasizes somatic muscle memory while integrating new skills of driving. She is calm, patient, kind and encouraging. She has an engineering background, Masters in Communication, and Doctorate in Natural Health. When she’s not driving, she teaches yoga and meditation or riding her motorcycle into the sunset.