Schedule Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

To Schedule, Call us at 310-318-2298
Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm PST
Saturday 9am to 3pm
Sunday Closed

  • We offer lessons 7 days a week, starting as early as 8AM and as late of a start time as 6:30PM.
  • We pick up anywhere within our service area.
  • Feel free to request a specific instructor!
  • Driving Lessons are scheduled back-to-back. This means that there MAY be another student in the car during the time of pick up and/or drop off. This is a great opportunity to learn through observation. For an additional fee you can request a Non-Back to Back Lesson.
  • Driving lessons will sometimes go longer than what is scheduled due to traffic or other reasons. Please allow an extra 15 to 30 minutes when scheduling other events after driving lessons.
  • We offer a cancellation list if you are interested in having a lesson on a specific day that is currently unavailable.

Make a Reservation for In-Class Driver Education


Please keep in mind that limited space is available. To reserve a space in the class, you will need to register and then call us to confirm your reservation for one of the dates below that you would like to attend. To Make a Reservation for In-Class Driver Education, call us at 310-318-2298. There is a minimum requirement to have at least 5 students to be enrolled in the In-Class Driver Education Course. If at least 5 students are not enrolled then the scheduled class can be cancelled and rescheduled for a later time.

You can call to request to take the In-Class Driver ED Course for a specific set of dates and if we have enough requests for the same time, we will be happy to accommodate you. Call 310-318-2298.