Teaching driver education and training
for over 20 years.

About Us


Behind the Wheel Driving School was established in 1994 by the legendary driving instructor, Frank Zock. Since then, we have been family-owned and operated in Manhattan Beach.  We are fully licensed (#4471), bonded and insured. Our licensing was approved through the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

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We provide lessons in all new model vehicles that are well-maintained.

Why do students continue to refer their friends and family to Behind the Wheel Driving School?

  • All of our instructors are fully licensed with background checks.
  • Our instructors teach in a calm and patient manner while using encouragement to provide positive reinforcement.
  • We have been around for over 24 years.
  • We will not put our students in a driving situation like the freeway until they are ready for it.
  • We have experienced instructors that have been teaching for over 15 years.
  • Our instructors receive continued training with new traffic laws, driving trends and effective methods of teaching driver safety.
  • We have all new model vehicles from 2012 to newer.
  • We pick up and drop off anywhere within our service area 7 days a week for no extra charge.
  • All of our vehicles are properly maintained and are equipped with a dual gas and brake pedal.
  • Most of our customers come to us from referrals, which proves that we have satisfied our previous customers.
  • We strive to teach our students to drive legally and safely. Additionally, we provide helpful tips on how to pass the DMV drive test.

Here is what our previous customers have said about us:

5 Star Yelp Review from 03/11/2014 - (Click Here to read more)

“I would highly recommend BTW Driving School! As anticipated, they are very professional. If you are looking to take a driving class then this is the right place. Leslie and Ryan are both wonderful. I obtained my license because of their valuable instructions, detailed observations and thoughtful feedback. During the actual driving test, the examiner asked me to change lanes at intersection and also when there was a car in my blind spot… Thanks you BTW for keeping me well prepared for such scenarios. I passed my test on the first attempt !!! Thanks Guys !!! :)”

5 Star Yelp Review from 06/09/2013 - (Click Here to read more)

“We’ve used BTW for both of our daughters and have been consistently happy with their level of professionalism, service and friendly teachers.  I was extremely (!) dubious about letting my daughters in a car with a complete stranger but my fears were assuaged not only by the people in the office — with whom I spoke every time I had a question — but by the completely “normal” (yes, that’s a great thing with a driving instructor) teachers that showed up to pick up our kids.  They make things convenient (pick-up is wherever, locally, you specify: school, church, tutoring, wherever), the cost is reasonable and without exception the teachers are punctual, knowledgeable and helpful.  I can’t say enough good things about the company.   They’re local and very professional and, most importantly, both of my daughters felt really comfortable with their teachers.  You’ll be happy if you call them!” 

5 Star Google Review from 2012 - (Click Here to read more)

My name is Vanessa Melo and I am From Brazil. Last year I moved to Los Angeles and I Have never driven before in Rio. I was afraid of getting behind the wheel and I really thought that I would be unable to learn. The life in Los Angeles is hard for people who don’t drive and I found out super quick that it was impracticable to live here without a car. I decided to take classes at behind the wheel driving school but I was still feeling hopeless. On my first day I was really nervous and I met my teacher Mr. Fernando for the first time. He was a patient and responsible instructor, giving me the right environment to learn and overcome my fears of driving. I took a couple of classes with Fernando and in a few days I started to drive around LA. He gave me the confidence I needed and showed me how I was as capable of driving as anyone. Mr. Fernando, who was directly responsible for my conquest of getting behind the wheel, is a respected instructor and his work is based on a lot of experience and responsibility. His methods of teaching are effective and I felt safe and comfortable learning with him. Besides the fact that he is a well-trained teacher he also cares about the results of his job. Now, I am driving myself around and my fears of driving are gone. I want to congratulate Behind the wheel for holding competent instructors like Mr. Fernando. I recommend the school and I am confident that a competent teacher can make the difference for anyone.”

Five Star Google Review from 8/15/2017 - (Click Here to read more)

1.) Driving Instructor #1: Mario Overall Experience with Him: Beyond excellent Driving Instructor #2: Ama’da Overall Experience with Her: Beyond excellent Driving Instructor #3: Javier Overall Experience with Him: Beyond excellent – Aspects of the Instructors’ Service that Stood Out: All three instructors were very nice, friendly, and calm. I had a great time learning how to be a much safer driver with all three instructors. All of them made me feel much more relaxed when I was originally very terrified of getting on the road. 2.) Receptionist: Yvette Overall Experience with Her: Beyond excellent – Aspect of the Receptionist’s Service that Stood Out: I really enjoyed how helpful, accommodating, and friendly Yvette was. I had only one week to get all of my driving lessons done before my test and she looked for all available appointments to try and fit everything into one week. Because of her help (and the instructors’ help), I was able to pass my driving test on the first try with only 3 errors. Yvette also calls students two days in advanced to let them know about their next scheduled class and what they should bring in order to avoid a cancellation fee. 3.) Overall Quality of Service I Received: Beyond excellent – I am beyond satisfied with the service I received. All of the working staff was very friendly. I did not feel like I was being treated differently. Behind the Wheel Driving School worked with my schedule to make sure I get my six hours done in the week that I had left while simultaneously preparing me for my driving test and I could not be more satisfied with the service. By far, they have provided me with the best service I have ever been given. I definitely recommend this place to people who are still looking for a driving school. Because of my satisfaction with this school, my parents have decided that they will enroll my brother here, which is very exciting to me. Thank you Behind the Wheel Driving School for teaching me the skills and attitude needed to drive safely so I can be collision and moving violation free for life. You have definitely achieved your goal.
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BTW Values:

Empowering our students by teaching them to develop a continued interest in improving their driver safety. We value living life in a mindful fully conscious way, by being courteous and thoughtful to others on and off of the road.

BTW Goals:

To teach our students to drive legally and safely to:

-Pass the written test to obtain a permit.

-Pass the drive test to obtain a license.

-Drive collision-free and moving violation free for life.

With these goals, we aspire to spread safety and positivity on the roads and beyond.

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