How should I spread my lessons out

Teen drivers are required to drive a total of 50 hours with 10 of those being driven at night. Here is a link to the DMV Parent Teen Training Guide Log. The DMV does not require you to show this but it is a good way to keep track to ensure that your teen gets all of the required driving hours. The more practice they can get, the safer drivers they will be.

Teen Driver Log Link

For anyone under the age of 17 and half years old, the 1st two hour driving lesson must be taken in order for the instructor to sign the permit so it can be vaildated. We recommend that you practice together in a controlled setting such as an empty parking lot, in order to assess the student’s ability and your comfort level when working together. If you are not too nervous and you can make the time to practice, then the second lesson can be scheduled within 3 to 4 weeks. If you are nervous working together or if you know you won’t have time to practice, then we recommend scheduling the next lesson in 1 to 2 weeks.

If the student is driving well, then it is a good idea to save the final lesson just before the drive test, to get some last minute pointers. During this lesson if the student is driving safely and if there is enough time we can also practice freeway driving.

However, if the student is struggling and you are nervous working together then we would recommend that you schedule each lesson 1 to 2 weeks apart. If this is the case, you can always purchase additional lessons to practice any specific driving skills that still needs improvement. Additionally, a drive test prep or freeway lesson can also be purchased separately at a later date as well.

For additional recommendations, call us at 310-318-2298.

I’m 15 years old, can I get my learner’s permit?

You are eligible to obtain your learner’s permit at the minimum age of 15½. The learner’s permit is issued by the DMV upon successfully passing a multiple choice test.

Here is what you must do in order to obtain your learner’s permit:

  1. Enroll and complete a driver’s education course. The driver’s education course may be completed online or in class. It is recommended that you complete driver’s education prior to reaching the age of 15½ if you would like your drivers license at the age of 16. You will be required to have your learner’s permit for at least six (6) months a a day prior to getting your driver’s license. Upon completing driver’s education we will issue a certificate which needs to be presented to the DMV on the day of the multiple choice exam.
  2. In order to take your multiple choice test you must have a DMV Driver’s License Application (Form DL-44) signed by both parents, a $33.00 fee is due at the DMV payable by cash, check, debit or money order (credit cards are not accepted). You need to provide proof of age such as birth certificate or valid passport. These documents must be in their original format and not a photocopy. You will need to provide your social security number on the DL44 form (you do not have to present your card). Two forms of documentation showing proof of residence are also required.
  3. In order to take the multiple choice test, you will also need to make an appointment at the DMV. You can schedule by calling 800-777-0133 or schedule online at:
  4. You must enroll in a driver training course. The course must consist of a minimum of six (6) hours of behind the wheel driver training instruction. It is a good idea to enroll into a more advanced course that is offered. Six hours of training is the basic requirement and often insufficient to develop good driving skills. Our 10 hour package is the recommended course so that you can learn many critical driving skills which include but are not limited to freeway, parallel parking, defensive driving, drive test prep and more.

To summarize, on the day of your multiple choice test you will need to have an appointment at the DMV and bring the following:

  • Certificate of completion of driver’s education
  • DMV Form DL-44 signed by both parents (with social security number)
  • $35.00
  • Valid passport or birth certificate stating that you are at least 15½ years old
  • Two forms of documentation showing proof of residence

I lost my learner’s permit what should I do?

Go to the DMV to obtain a duplicate copy of your permit. If you are under the age of 18 then be sure to have the DMV representative indicate on your new learner’s permit the issue date of your original learner’s permit. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have a learner’s permit for a minimum of 6 months before getting a driver license. When the DMV reprints a learner’s permit the issue date is changed to the day of the reprint. Having the DMV indicate the original issue date, will ensure that your driver’s license eligibility date remains the same. You should also take the same items which were required when you first applied for your permit which are:

  • Certificate of completion of driver’s education
  • DMV Form DL-44 signed by both parents (with social security number)
  • Payment for the fee for the duplicate permit
  • Valid passport or birth certificate
  • Two forms of documentation showing proof of residence

After obtaining your new permit, be sure to get it signed by a licensed driving instructor to ensure that it is valid.

Can I drive alone in the vehicle with my permit?


If you are under the age of 18 years old, you are legally required to have a California licensed driver present in the vehicle who is at least 25 years old.

If you are 18 years of age or older you are legally required to have a California licensed driver present in the vehicle who is at least 18 years old.

Is freeway driving or parallel parking on the drive test?

No. However, you will need to pull alongside the curb to park.

Can I drive with my California permit in other states?

If you have a permit and you plan to drive outside of California then contact the Department of Motor Vehicles of that particular state; driving laws sometimes differ from state to state. You will be required to abide by the laws of that particular state. If you plan on driving outside of the United States then be sure you contact the designated bureau for that particular country.

How long is the DMV drive test?

Although test times can vary due to the route, traffic, weather conditions and hazards, the average road test takes 15 minutes of actual driving plus 5 minutes prior to driving so that the examiner can inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is safe to test in. Additionally, in this five minute period they will test your knowledge on the controls of the car.

Can I rent a car to use for my DMV drive test?

No, the DMV does not allow the test to be taken in a rental car. However, we do offer a DMV drive test service. Here is how it works:

A driving instructor will pick up the student in our vehicle one hour prior to the time of the DMV appointment and provide last minute instruction by giving valuable tips on how to drive legally and safely to pass the test. The student will then take the test using our vehicle. After completion of the test, the instructor will return the student to their home or school.

What happens if I do not pass the DMV drive test?

You can continue to retake the test until you pass. If you are under the age of 18 years old, you will be required to wait two weeks before taking it again. If you fail three times, then you will have to retake a multiple choice test and present all of the same documents that were required when you originally took the permit test:

  • Certificate of completion of driver’s education
  • DMV Form DL-44 signed by both parents (with social security number)
  • $35.00
  • Valid passport or birth certificate stating that you are at least 15½ years old
  • Two forms of documentation showing proof of residence

If you are under 18 years old and obtain a new permit after three failed attempts then you will not have to have to wait another 6 months. Since you have already had it for 6 months, you can retake the test again after the required two week waiting period.

Do I have to bring my permit each time I drive?

Yes, you are legally required to have your permit with you everytime you drive. This is the same as it is for licensed drivers who are required to have their license with them when driving. Also, a photocopy is not acceptable since you are legally required to have your original permit present each time you drive.

Is there a penalty for cancelling my scheduled driving lesson?

Since we schedule our lessons in advance, we require 2 days notice to cancel or reschedule. If we do not receive two days notice then there is a last minute cancellation fee of $75. To avoid this fee, you can arrange for another student who is enrolled in our program to take this slot.

Where will you pick me up for my driving lesson?

We pick up anywhere within our service area which are the following:

  • Gardena- 90247 & 90249
  • Hawthorne- 90250
  • Hermosa Beach- 90254
  • Lawndale-90260 & 90261
  • Manhattan Beach- 90266
  • Playa Del Rey- 90293
  • Redondo Beach- 90277 & 90278
  • Torrance- 90501, 90503, 90504 & 90505
  • Westchester, 90045
  • El Segundo, 90245

  • Can I purchase additional lessons?

    Yes, extra lessons are available to help with any driving skills that still need improvement.

    Do you recommend the In-Class Driver Education or the Online Course?

    It depends… Typically, we recommend the In-Class Driver Education course since it is a hands on experience which is more impactful on a short-term and long-term basis. However, some students have busy schedules and they are unable to attend the classes which are offered on a set day. If a student is good at being self-taught and already has a healthy respect for driving safely, then the online course can be a great option.

    I took an online course and I am having trouble passing my permit test, what should I do?

    We offer a DMV permit private tutoring session which is ideal for a student who took an online course and still needs a little help but has a schedule which permits them from attending the In-Class Driver Education course. We offer a one-on-one private tutoring session that lasts between 3 to 4 hours, or as much time as needed. During this tutoring session we discuss rules of the road, show informative videos and provide quizzes. We then review the quizzes afterward to ensure that the student has a solid grasp on the material. We can schedule these as one day sessions or spread them out over multiple days to accommodate your availability.

    Do you teach adults and senior citizens?

    Yes, we regularly teach adults and senior citizens. Additionally, we teach adults who have come here from other countries who need to be taught our local California driving rules and regulations. We also regularly teach senior citizens who have been driving for a long time but need to break bad habits that they have developed over the years.

    If I am 18 years old do I still need to obtain a permit?

    Yes, any new driver pursuing a driver license is required to obtain a permit.

    I have a question that is not listed, can you help me?

    Call us at 310-318-2298