Defensive Driving Intensive

Behind the Wheel Driving School has designed an extensive skills course that addresses the leading causes of crashes. This course consists of several defensive driving skills that drivers need to focus on to reduce their involvement in collisions. Upon completion of course, students will receives a certificate of training which may allow for up to 20% discount on Vehicle Insurance.

In addition to making sure the student is driving legally and safely according to DMV standards, we will also teach them to drive defensively as well. Unfortunately, simply following the rules of the road is not enough to avoid collisions. With our very rushed and aggressive driving culture we need to drive defensively to stay safe.

This 2 hour session is dedicated solely to defensive driving practices that will help the new driver with critical driving decisions while navigating through heavy traffic and major streets. With a series of various training practices. (Including DVC (Driving Vocal Commentary) and Self Navigation (AKA silent driving).

Some of the defensive driving skills we will help with are:

  • Scanning
  • Review of the primary causes of collisions and where these take place.
  • How to avoid getting rear-ended.
  • How to predict the actions of others and give yourself a safe way out of a dangerous situation.
  • Plus many more additional tips on how to drive defensively.