Drive Test Service

A driving instructor will pick up the student one hour prior to the time of the DMV appointment and provide last minute instruction by giving valuable tips on how to drive legally and safely to pass the test. The student will then take the test using our vehicle. After completion of the test, the instructor will return the student to their home or school.

We will schedule the DMV drive test appointment for the student. If you schedule the appointment, please call us to make arrangements 2-3 weeks before your scheduled appointment so we can make the necessary arrangements.

We will guide and train the student on what needs to be done to pass, but it is up to the student to pass the test. If the student does not pass the test, there will be no refund.

We only provide this service at the following DMV’s: Hawthorne, Torrance, Inglewood, Culver City, Compton or San Pedro. For other DMV’s there is a non-refundable charge of $60/hour.