2 hour Driving Lesson

During a two hour driver training lesson we teach how to drive legally and safely according to DMV standards in preparation for the drive test. We cover defensive driving and driver’s responsibility to ensure that the student is following the rules of the road. We prepare students to have the ability and skills needed to take preventative action to avoid a collision with other drivers.

Our vehicles are equipped with an accelerator and a brake pedal on the passenger side for better control and safety of the student and instructors.

Some of the skills we focus on are as follows;

  • The controls of the vehicle
  • How to use the steering wheel to make controlled turns
  • How to make a right / left turn
  • How much or how far to turn the steering wheel
  • How and when to softly apply the brakes or the gas pedal
  • How to drive in light / heavy traffic*
  • How to switch lanes
  • How to read/ understand traffic lights
  • How to read/ understand arrow traffic lights
  • How to park next to a curb, in a parking lot and parallel parking *
  • How to make a u-turn and three-point turn *
  • How to reverse a vehicle *
  • How to drive on freeways **

Our driving lessons are a one on one with the instructor. The lessons are back to back, which means that there may be another student in the car during pick up and/or drop off only. During this time, the other student can continue learning through observation. If you prefer not to have your lesson on a back to back basis, you can make this request when scheduling. There is an additional fee for a non-back to back lesson.

Additional driver training lessons can be purchased to work on specific skills such as:

  • Preparation for DMV test to ensure that the student is driving according to DMV standards.
  • Improve defensive driving skills
  • Parallel parking/Parking lot driving
  • Freeway driving
  • Defensive driving


*SAFETY FIRST (each instructor makes decisions based on the student’s ability and readiness).

*Instructors will teach based on the student’s ability. You may request that a specific skill be practiced but we can only do so if the student has the ability to safely execute the maneuver.