Behind The Wheel Driving School
1015 N. Aviation Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
License #4471
Teaching driver education and training in Hermosa Beach for over 20 years.
Driver Education is the first step to get your permit!

Offerd in our office in Manhattan Beach

We Teach California and DMV Laws, Rules and Regulations. Course Includes Lecture, Videos, Demonstration, and Group Discussions. Our Curriculum is Extensive, Very Detailed and Entertaining.
Please call our office at 310-318-2298 to find out our In-Class Driver Education schedule.

for 6 Hours: 3 Lessons, Each 2 Hours of Actual in Car Driving. Click here

Driver Training with pick-up and drop off in Hermosa Beach:

We offer lessons 7 days a week and will pick the student up from home or from school as long as it’s within our service area.
Note: You Must Have Your Permit Before Taking Driving Lessons.
We Teach: Defensive Driving, Driver's Responsibility and the Importance of Traffic Laws, Rules and Regulations According to the State of California and the DMV.
Our Vehicles are Equipped with an Accelerator and a Brake Pedal on the Passenger Side for Better Control by the Instructor.

Our driving lessons are one on one with the instructor. Additionally, our lessons are on a back to back basis which means that there may be another student in the car during pick up and/or drop off. During this time, the other student can continue learning through observation. If you prefer not to have your lesson on a back to back basis, you can make this request when scheduling. A non back to back lesson can be scheduled for an additional fee.
Additional driver training lessons can be purchased to fine tune specific skills such as:
-Preparation for DMV test to ensure that the student is driving according to DMV standards.
-Improve defensive driving skills
-Parallel parking/Parking lot driving
-Freeway driving
and more...

High Schools near Hermosa Beach that we Pickup and Drop off from:

Mira Costa, 2 Pick-up locations:
1.) On the corner of S. Peck Ave & Nelson Ave
2.) On the ramp on S. Meadows Ave
Redondo Union, 2 Pick-up locations:
1.) McDonalds, next to the school, address: 235 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach.
2.) Starbucks, 300 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach
Bishop Montgomery, 1 Pick-up location:
1.) Burger King, next to the school, address: 5326 Torrance Blvd, Torrance.
And other high schools within our Southbay service area

Other Local High Schools that we Pickup and Drop off from:
El Segundo
North Torrance
Saint Bernard
West Torrance
And other high schools within our Southbay service area

Brush-Up lessons with pick-up and drop off in Hermosa Beach:

Offering brush up lessons to senior citizens, visitors/new residents of California & any adult who needs to overcome driving fears and improve specific driving skills, including defensive driving.

Drive Test Service with pick-up & drop off in Hermosa Beach:

The driving instructor will pick the student up one hour prior to the time of the DMV appointment. The instructor will provide the student with last minute instruction by giving valuable tips on how to drive legally and safely, so the student can pass the drive test. The student will then take the test in our vehicle. Once the test is over, our instructor will drop the student off at their home or school within our service area.

We will schedule the DMV drive test appointment for the student. If you schedule the appointment, please call us to make arrangements 2-3 weeks before your scheduled appointment.
(Hawthorne, Torrance, Inglewood, Culver City, Compton & San Pedro DMV's only. Other DMV's non-refundable $60 per hour).